Why Campervan Pub Stopovers are the Newest Trend in Travel

Campervan pub stopovers are the newest trend in travel, and it's not hard to see why. Camping is a comfortable way of exploring the outside world, and pubs are an iconic part of British culture. When camper van pub stopovers came about, it was like someone had combined two of life's greatest pleasures. The idea is to take a campervan trip from one city to the next, stopping at pubs along the way. Pub goers can enjoy drinks before they set off on their next adventure and have a new experience with each stopover. Here are some tips for making your camper van pub stopover successful.

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What are camper van pub stopovers?
The campervan pub stopovers, also called camper van tourism, started gaining popularity in the late '90s. The trend is still going strong today, there are a variety of pub stopovers available. Pike Pub, London, England This pub stopover is about 60 miles outside of London. Once you arrive, stop by for some local British food and ale, like beef and ale pie and rarebit. If you're not hungry, there are also a range of snacks available. If you're a beer drinker, there is plenty of pub-brewed beer for you to sample. It's a perfect stopover to explore the South West coast of England before you head into the Channel Tunnel to go to France. Do I need to book a booking in advance to stay here?
What to do before the journey
Whether you are traveling in a campervan, a tent or an RV, a pre-trip to the pub is important. Make sure that your camper is all packed up and ready to go before you leave. Check the battery and water levels, put away any bags that need to be stored in the boot, and put away any picnic materials. During the trip Have some conversations with the locals while in the pub, and see if they have any recommendations on where to eat or places to stay. If they don't, then ask them to recommend somewhere that is a worthwhile stop along the way. When you arrive When you arrive, you'll want to be able to set up your camper van and start setting up camp. Depending on how many people are going on the trip, it may take a while to set up. Once you have unpacked the van, you'll be ready to explore.
How to plan your itinerary
To plan the trip, start with your tour operator. When looking at the itinerary, they can help you decide where to stop and when to arrive. You'll also want to look into the locations of all the pubs you visit. If you can fit in a couple of pubs that have a difference of opinion, then that's perfect! Pub stopovers are perfect for sampling different beer varieties and have become a popular vacation activity. A pub stopover is also great for people who have recently had a baby. It can be a much more memorable experience with a baby along for the ride. When you arrive at the final destination, call a taxi to transport you to the nearest hotel or campervan hire company. Campervan Pub Stopovers vs. Inn Crowd Do you have a campervan, or are you thinking about getting one?
Where to find pubs
Finding the right pub for your campervan stopover can be a daunting task. You don't want to pull into the local gas station parking lot, do you? You want to spend time exploring, not playing bar games in a rowdy bingo hall. Look for town or city maps at your local library, and look for "last drinks" times. There's a whole online list of pub "last drinks" times online, but sometimes finding a last drinks sign or writing down the "last drinks" times can be a bit tough. Take a map, try to spend time in the daytime, and explore a little before you arrive. Try to find an outside area of the pub to sit and wait until your last drinks is over. Avoid rowdy, rough, or drunk people If you are stopping at a town or city, you don't want to arrive with a bunch of rowdy people.
The best pubs in the UK
The key to having a great campervan pub stopover is to choose a location with the perfect mix of amenities and appeal. The right location will attract curious people and will let you avoid the crowd at the major tourist destinations. You want to show off a new spot for your campervan, but avoid being the most well-known stopover in the area. It's best to go unnoticed, and the best place to hide is a place locals frequent. Campervan pub stopovers are a fantastic way to see more of Britain. According to travel blog A Pint of Light, there are over 650 pubs in London alone. British beer, while wonderful, can get old fast. Your London Campervan Pub Stopover should include a different microbrewery or two, which are a little more affordable and a little more interesting.
Pubs in other countries
Many camper van pub stopovers happen in countries other than the UK. It's common for them to happen in Asia or Scandinavia, such as Germany and Belgium. The owners of these vehicles are often retired or have second homes in these places. For example, Aussie camper van importer Glen Costin owns a vehicle on both sides of the globe. He is a big fan of traveling and trying out the local foods, so it makes sense that he also promotes his own camper van on the other side of the world. Cultural fit The campervan pub stopover experience is tailored to fit the environment of the country you're traveling in. So, if you're in Italy, you're likely to have the opportunity to explore the local pizzerias and pizzeria wines while getting a crash course in Italian culture.
Planning for food and drink
It can be easy to get carried away with sightseeing when you have a campervan, and before you know it you've covered the entire country. There's no need to worry about meals when you stop at pubs. Make sure you know where your next campsite is and have a stash of food with you. Planning ahead will make your stopovers a little easier. For food, the Brits take it really seriously. There are lots of pub-cooked staples, like fish and chips and bacon and egg butties, that are easy to rustle up and fill you up. Avoid hotel stops Avoid taking a bus into a busy city when you're just starting your campervan pub crawl, as it's easier to pick a less populated pub to stop at. This means your mileage doesn't go up as you move around the country.
Enjoying yourself at the pub
Whether you have three days or three weeks, you can enjoy the campervan pub stopover no matter your circumstance. Take the time to visit the local sights, local cuisine, and bars. Don't forget to have a pint at one of the iconic watering holes of your country, like The Queen's Head in the UK, which is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a princess. Remember to take the time to really experience your country in a way you never could before. Time it to perfection The campervan pub stopover is perfect for families and couples, and perfect for long weekends or weekdays. Make sure that the duration of your stopover isn't longer than the time you want to sleep, or longer than you want to drink. Making a living out of your camper van is a passion, so enjoy it.
The benefits of a campervan pub stopover are many. The only real barrier to the pub stopover is the cost of travel. If you can make that work, however, you can set yourself up for an exciting and economical way of exploring the outside world.