Campercation FAQ's

What is Campercation?
Campercation has been created for the Campervan and Motorhome community to use, share, add and grow to an existing map full of different types of stops, providing people with a secure platform for adding and finding new places to visit.
Are Campercation the owners of each place/stop on the map?
Campercation does not own full information or rights to any of the places/stops on the map. The places/stops have been added to the map by members of the community who wish to expand the list of available places for users to enjoy.
How do I find out more about a specific place/stop on the map?
If you are seeking further guidance or information of a place/spot you have found on the map, we recommend you getting in touch directly with the owner of that place/spot. You can normally find these details online.
How do I add a place to the map?
You will first need to register to Campercation to become a member of the community. You will be able to add a place to the map
This feature enables you to store multiple places under one list. This has been designed for users to rest assured that their favourite places are kept in a secure place to preview again whenever needed. An example of this could be creating a ‘Favourite Pub Stopovers’ list and saving your top pub stops on the map to this list.