10 Ways to Protect Your Motorhome Against Thieves

There are many ways to protect your motorhome against thieves. The best way is to have an alarm system installed, but if you don't want the hassle of installing one there are other alternatives. Here are 10 ways to protect your motorhome against thieves. Hopefully this article will help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

Install an alarm system
The best way to protect your motorhome against thieves is to install an alarm system. An alarm system will not only scare the thief away, it also alerts the authorities. You can even get motion sensors installed so that if someone walks by, they will know there is movement in the vehicle and sound the alarm. This is a great way to keep your RV safe while you are gone camping or on vacation.
Invest in a GPS tracker
In today's day and age, thieves are becoming more and more ingenious. They put a lot of effort into stealing items from people's homes because it isn't difficult to get away with. So, if you want to protect your motorhome against thieves, invest in a GPS tracker. These trackers can be controlled by your phone so you can keep an eye on where your motorhome is at all times. This will give you peace of mind that no one is going to steal it from you. The price of these trackers may seem expensive at first, but they've been proven to save people from the headache of trying to find their stolen goods.
Get your motorhome insured
The easiest way to protect your motorhome against thieves is to get it insured. The insurance company will pay for the cost of repairing or replacing your motorhome if anything happens to it.
Use an anti-theft device
The best way to protect your motorhome against thieves is with an anti-theft device. This can be anything from a tracking device, or something like the Club. The Club is an alarm system that looks like a small ball and fits in your hand. When you get too far away from your motorhome, it will sound the alarm and flash the lights to let you know that someone has broken into it.
Typically, these devices are placed on the steering wheel or other parts of the vehicle so that if someone were to break in they would trigger it automatically. They're fairly inexpensive and easy to install yourself.
Lock the doors
One of the easiest ways to protect your vehicle against thieves is to lock the doors. It doesn't matter if it's a land-locked vehicle or a boat, locking the doors will help prevent break ins. This is especially important if you have a trailer hitch and a cover for your hitch, as you don't want to leave an open invitation for thieves to steal from your motorhome while you're gone.
Hide your keys
One of the best ways to protect your motorhome against thieves is to hide your key. If you’re not going to be using your vehicle for a while and want it to be safe, the best way to do this is by putting it in a lockbox. This will keep your keys out of sight which means that thieves won't be able to find them.
Park in well-lit areas
Park in well-lit areas to deter thieves. Thieves are less likely to steal from a car that is in a well-lit area. They are more likely to want to steal from an unlit area because they can do it anonymously.
Keep your valuables out of sight
A thief's best strategy is to find items that are visible and valuable. Cover your luggage, backpacks, and other luggage with luggage covers and keep them out of sight.
Security cameras for motorhomes
A security camera is a great way to protect your motorhome. You can install security cameras in different areas of the trailer so thieves can't steal from the back without being seen. The cameras will capture footage of anyone who is breaking in and will take pictures of them, which means if the thief tries to sell the goods they stole, you'll be able to identify them. The downside of having security cameras installed is that it requires an electrical cord to power the cameras, which means you need to find a place for it near an outlet. However, this can easily be done by installing solar panels on top of your motorhome.