Motorhome Pub Stopovers and Campsites in the UK

Travelling the UK has never been easier. Now that motorhome pubs and campsites have been popping up all over the country, there's no excuse to miss a great pint or a night under the stars.

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An Introduction to Pub Stops and Campsites
As more and more travel journeys are being undertaken by motorhome, things have never been easier. With Pub Stops being introduced in a number of locations in the UK, you can make sure you're on the right road at the right time and visit the UK's best pubs. New motorhome pubs have opened all over the UK, with some of the most popular on the east coast in places such as Cornwall, Devon and Kent. For those travelling further afield, there are a number of great camp sites you can stay at too, perfect for those longer trips on the road. The Best Countries for a Great Time If you're travelling around the UK, you may find that there's more than one time to be in your seat at the pub. If you're heading up North, then there are some fantastic festivals on at the moment.
Motorhome Pub Stops
Motorhome pubs are big in the UK. Pubs that are usually situated on top of or behind an old motorhome, which act as a giant toilet and comfortable living area, are much in demand and offer a great place to stay in an area with many nightspots and attractions. Motorhome pubs can be anywhere from short-term stays to week-long vacations. At the most basic level, a motorhome pub is simply a public toilet that opens up onto a pub, which can be extremely difficult to find, especially if you are travelling with a family. Motorhome pubs are also popular with motorhomers, often offering the same kind of amenities as a regular pub – cheap beer, TV's, seating, a pool table – and a welcoming environment.
Motorhome Campsites
The motorhome campsite experience has changed a lot since the days when they were classed as remote and generally your only option if you wanted a quieter campsite. Now there's a wide selection of sites, many of which are within easy reach of larger towns and cities, and they're ideal for busy weekends, wet days or a long weekend away. They're also a great way to try out motorhome travel, and if you find you really like it you can start considering adding it to your regular holidays. Motorhome Pubs Historically, the motorhome pub experience was something only the experienced traveller with a little imagination had.