Aberdour and North Queensferry: Pilot scheme for motorhomes facilities set-up

Aberdour and North Queensferry: Pilot scheme for motorhomes facilities set-up
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There have been tourists wild-camping in Silver Sands woods leaving a mess and even defecating.
Now, a pilot scheme has been set up in Fife to provide facilities for motorhomes following a huge increase in popularity of “staycations”.
Fife Coast & Countryside Trust (FCCT) has set up the scheme in the north-east of Fife and will look to extend it Fife-wide if it proves successful.
Councillor David Barratt, who represents the villages, told the Press that the authorities were looking at a way to regulate car parks for overnight stays.
He said: “This year has highlighted the need for facilities and it’s something that needs to be definitely in place for next year.
“Lots of people have acquired motorhomes and it’s a growing trend.
“But we need responsible tourism so if we can regulate, we can also get some money from it, and it will be a benefit to communities instead.”
It’s hoped that a promoted driving route – the Fife 191 – will bring more tourists to the Kingdom and also highlight the need for more facilities for motorhomes.
Cllr Barratt added: “It’s at a fairly high level right now so it’s important we do something as it’s unsustainable in some places.
“We need the facility so that people will spend money here.
“There are options in the current car parks as they’re not full overnight.”
Robbie Blyth, head of operations (Fife Coast & Countryside Trust) said that the rapid increase in motorhome ownership has created poorly-resourced free overnight motorhome facilities.
He said that in Fife and throughout the UK, many car parks were classed as ‘Unregulated Public Car Parks’.
“These have in many cases evolved into informal overnight car-parking facilities that are proving difficult to manage at peak periods,” he said.
“In the last 20 months, this has been exacerbated by the greater number of people opting to vacation in the UK rather than travel abroad.
“If a motorhome has a valid MOT, insurance, and vehicle tax then there are no legal grounds to restrict owners from parking vehicles overnight in unregulated car parks – that is car parks with no consolidation order.
“Over time, with the rapid increase in motorhome ownership, this has created poorly-resourced free overnight motorhome facilities in areas never designed for such activities. This is a challenge throughout Scotland and not just unique to Fife.
“Though camping within an Unregulated Public Car Park is technically an offence under the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960, legal action is a complex process as one requires to prove habitation which is very difficult given the transient nature of the activity.
“Fife Coast & Countryside Trust (FCCT) are piloting a scheme in the north-east of Fife to provide a service for motorhomes while limiting negative impacts, and realising direct benefits to host communities.
“If successful, FCCT will look to extend this programme Fife-wide thus reducing the burden on any one coastal venue.”


Posted on 9/2/2021 8:38:56 AM